ÔThe End of LawÕ

ITV, Wednesday 25 April at 8pm

John Thaw returns in a one-off special two-hour film of KAVANAGH Q.C.

When the body of a beautiful young Hungarian computer science graduate is discovered in a London hotel bathroom, middle-aged businessman Harry Hatton (Robert Pickavance) denies murder, though the body was found in his hotel room.

His defence Sarah Swithen (Samantha Bond) Ð opposed by Jeremy Aldermarten (Nicholas Jones) - fails to stop a guilty verdict.  But urged on by HattonÕs daughter Alison (Susannah Wise), Sarah starts to prepare grounds for an appeal, seeking advice from Kavanagh.

Guest stars in the two-hour drama, include Samantha Bond, Tim Pigott-Smith, Nicholas Le Prevost, Larry Lamb, Barbara Leigh-Hunt and Susannah Wise.

Oliver Ford Davies as Peter Foxcott; Nicholas Jones as vain bachelor Jeremy Aldermarten, and Cliff Parisi as River CourtÕs all-powerful senior clerk Tom Buckley.  

Pictured: Samantha Bond as Sarah Swithen

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